WiFi Heat

WiFi Heat is a great way to visually show the signal strength of your wireless network with your Android phone or tablet.


Here are the up-to-date changes between versions.


  • Fixed a crash on startup on some devices.


  • Now targetting the Jelly Bean SDK.
  • Added filtering for channel overlapping (22MHz).
  • Show "Loading map" message when loading Google Maps.
  • Limit zoom and movement extents so that you can't lose your bearings.
  • Renamed filter from "None" to "All" because it was misleading/confusing.
  • Updated floor plan image selection to only give you options for images, instead of other types of media.
  • Fixed rendering of floor plan in "Manage Levels" so it's not squashed/stretched.
  • Tweaked home menu icons to not show a slightly noticable background.
  • Several other bug fixes that caused crashes.


  • You can now share your map.
  • Display levels in order of altitude instead of order of creation.
  • Don't show left/right arrows when there is only one item.
  • Sometimes the delete button was faded out when it shouldn't be.
  • Bug fixed with entering numbers in some locales.


  • Fix for a crash on the Galaxy Note and potentially other devices when viewing a list of access points.


  • First public release!
  • Lots of bugs fixed and speed improvements.
  • Added channel, security and "all" filtering.
  • Added 3D mode as an experimental feature.


  • Final beta release before Google Play.
  • Now uses a dark theme.
  • Display heat map with different filters, e.g. Everything, Security, Access Points.
  • Tweaks for a nicer UI, e.g. removed ugly grey buttons, etc.
  • Added the ability to modify a floor plan position.
  • Bug where newly discovered access points didn't register at older locations.
  • Trimmed down APK size.
  • Removed 3D mode until it can be more polished.
  • Crash in 2D mode when scrolling through access points quickly.


  • Friendly tips added.
  • Fixed crash when entering levels list.
  • Fixed a bug where you can't quit the app by pressing back.
  • Rotating the device when editing seems to be fixed.
  • General polishing.


  • Lots of crashes fixed.

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